Health Care Providers Can Help Promote Breastfeeding

Health care providers play a primary role in promoting exclusive and long-term breastfeeding and supporting the success of this important public health initiative.

Enthusiastic support and involvement of pediatricians in the promotion and practice of breastfeeding is essential to the achievement of optimal infant and child health, growth, and development.
⚊ AAP Policy Statement on Breastfeeding and Use of Human Milk

Health care providers can work with WIC by:

  • Discussing the benefits of breastfeeding and the risks of not breastfeeding with patients;
  • Maintaining breastfeeding as the cultural norm by avoiding use of formula literature and visuals;
  • Referring mothers who present with breastfeeding problems to WIC or other lactation support services if they are not a WIC participant; and
  • Recommending pumped milk if supplementation is needed.

It is natural for your patients to have questions about breastfeeding. For answers to their questions, download the Breastfeeding Resource Guide.

Breastfeeding hotline for WIC participants:

call 1-855-4-ASK-MOM to reach the WIC breastfeeding hotline.