PA WIC Program Data

The PA WIC data reports below represent WIC participation rather than caseload/enrollment as defined below.

  • Participation: The number of enrolled women, infants and children within a reporting period who receive benefits. This includes fully breastfed infants and women partially breastfeeding an infant who are not eligible for food benefits.
  • Caseload/Enrollment: The number of individuals who are within a valid certification period and eligible to receive benefits. Note: It is understood local agencies (LA)s may use caseload to mean workload which includes applicants applying for the program but are not enrolled. However, for the purposes of the SA and the reports run in MIS, caseload and enrollment are interchangeable.

Participation Report by County

PA WIC PPT (pdf)
PA WIC PPT (excel)

Participation Report by Race

PA WIC PPT Race (pdf)
PA WIC PPT Race (excel)

Participation Report by Type

PA WIC PPT WIC Type (pdf)
PA WIC PPT WIC Type (excel)

PA WIC statewide participant data
PA WIC participant data by county