WIC Policies And Procedures

Warning: Policy and procedure is currently in a state of transition and is being updated to support EBT, telehealth and other innovations resulting out of necessity to manage the pandemic. Please see the WIC Policy and Procedure Index for more information.

Policies and Procedures Index

Women Infants and Children (WIC) Policy and Procedure Index

General Administration

1.00 Organization and Management
1.01 Program Management
1.02 Local Agency Qualification and Disqualification
1.03 Abuse and Fraud Prevention and Investigation
1.04 Local Agency Monitoring
1.05 Redeemed/Lost/Stolen FI Monthly Report & 10% Random Sample of Voided FI's
1.06 Universal Precautions
1.07 Confidentiality of Participant Records
1.08 Information System Management
1.09 Material Development and/or Requisitioning
1.10 Civil Rights
1.11 Translation and Interpretation

Financial Management

2.01 Local Agency Financial Management
2.02 Cost Allowability for Travel, Incentive Items, Tuition Reimbursement and Renovations
2.03 Nutrition Education, Breastfeeding Promotion & Support, and Outreach Expenditure Requirements
2.04 Audit of Local Agencies
2.05 Equipment Purchases, Inventory and Disposition

Clinic Operations

3.00 Clinic Operations
3.01 Caseload Management
3.02 Program Eligibility
3.03 Nutrition and Risk Assessment
3.04 Food Benefits
3.05 Services to Special Populations
3.15 Proof of Financial Need

Food Delivery System

4.01 Retail Store Management
4.02 Food Instrument Security and Distribution
4.03 Retail Store Quality Assurance
4.04 Training of WIC Retail Stores
4.05 Special Formula Distribution System

Nutrition Education

5.01 Nutrition Education in the WIC Program
5.02 Breastfeeding Education and Peer Counseling Program
5.03 Exit Counseling Session for Women Participants

Outreach Referral

6.01 Local Agency Outreach Activities
6.02 Participant Referral System
6.03 Referral Agreements for Health Care Services
6.04 Outreach in Hospitals

Food Supplements

7.01 Authorized Foods and Statewide Food List
7.02 Authorized Food Packages - Maximum Monthly Amounts
7.03 Food Package Tailoring
7.04 Infant Formula
7.05 Issuance of Prorated Food Packages
7.06 Formula Issuance for Breastfed Infants
7.07 Formula Exchange
7.08 Exempt Infant Formula and WIC-Eligible Nutritionals